Headshot FAQ’s

Everyone has questions about their session and this is the place to get your answers. We try to anticipate any issues that might come up but we might have missed something. If you don’t see the answer to your question here, feel free to call or text 0437 384 171 or email hello@fifthlane.com.au

Where does the shoot take place?

The majority of our sessions take place in our studio located in Weston Creek. If your needs require something different, we are available to go on location for a small fee.

What do I wear for my session?

You should bring plenty of options to the shoot, here are some pointers for you:

  • Always bring clothes that match your style and personality.
  • Avoid black clothes or white clothes, they tend to lose detail in some photographs.
  • Stay away from clothes with busy patterns. Solid colours are best.
  • Make sure any clothes that you bring are clean and neatly pressed. This goes double for collared shirts and suits. The camera picks up a lot more detail than you think.
  • Make sure to dress comfortable but classy.
  • Collared button-down shirts are great with a co-ordinated tie. All shirts need to be clean and pressed.
  • Be rested and drink plenty of water the day before your shoot, it is amazing for your skin.
  • Avoid too much jewellery; the shoot is all about you, not accessories.
  • Any colour is great for tops, but remember that bright colours can draw away from your face so pick something muted that matches your eye colour and skin tone.

What about hair and makeup?

We always recommend professional makeup.  A professional makeup artist knows how to make you look your best for the camera.

How long does it take to get my images?

For most headshot sessions our turnaround time is three business days to get your gallery of images. Once you make your retouching selections it is typically another two to three business days before your final, edited images are delivered to you. If you have a deadline and need something even faster, be sure to let us know when you book.

How much retouching do you do?

Straight out of the camera your images will be pretty much ready to go. We use the right lighting and posing techniques to make you look your best. Before we deliver the images to you we sort through and ditch any of the blinky or blurry ones, colour-correct and crop them.

You can order images to be digitally retouched as an add on to your session. Each image you order is then given the highest level of attention to reduce and remove wrinkles and blemishes as well as stray hairs and dark circles. The key is to enhance the image without making you look fake.

It is important for you to look natural, but great.

Be sure to drink plenty of water for a few days before your session, it does wonders for your skin!