Lifestyle Studio Photography Sessions

Our beautiful, private, natural light studio in Weston Creek offers a very different look than a Fifth Lane outdoor session.

More intimate, they possess a cleaner environment focussing on you and your family.  This is also the space we have our in-person planning appointments and ordering appointments. There are plenty of samples on the walls as well.

Lifestyle Studio Sessions are perfect for these who:
•  Want a clean, uncluttered look to their portraits
•  Want a more snuggly, intimate look and feel
•  Have grandparents with mobility issues.
•  Would like to include their extended family and multiple generations
•  Are concerned about the weather (climate controlled – for the win!)

Studio Lifestyle Sessions are available to all. Whether you would like maternity, couple or families of all types and ages (up to 20 people!), we are able to curate a set of portraits that are personalised and absolutely YOU.

What makes the Fifthlane indoor studio unique?

Discover the perfect setting to bring your indoor lifestyle to life at our exceptional photography studio. Create incredible family memories or a professional headshot for your business website or social media. Our studio provides the ideal backdrop for your unique story.

Step into a world of creativity and imagination as we transform your indoor moments into beautiful works of art.

Unleash Your Inner Muse

Our indoor lifestyle photography studio is a haven for self-expression where your imagination knows no bounds. Step inside and be greeted by a meticulously designed space that exudes style, comfort, and versatility.

Our studio offers a variety of impeccably crafted settings to suit your every need. Our thoughtfully chosen props and furniture accentuate the atmosphere, adding depth and character to your photographs.

Picture-Perfect Ambience

Every detail of our indoor lifestyle photography studio has been carefully curated to create the perfect ambience.

Immerse yourself in soft, natural lighting that cascades through our large windows, illuminating every frame with a touch of magic.

The result? Authentic, stunning images that beautifully showcase your unique lifestyle.

A Seamless Experience Tailored to You

At our studio, we prioritize your comfort and convenience. Pete will work closely with you to understand and bring your vision to life.

With state-of-the-art equipment and a keen eye for detail, we ensure every shot is flawless and evocative, capturing the essence of your individuality or family lifestyle.

Preserve Precious Moments Forever

Life is filled with precious moments, and our indoor lifestyle photography studio is here to help you preserve them forever.

Our studio is the perfect setting to freeze time and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Create incredible family memories or professional headshots at the Fifth Lane photography studio.

Book your studio experience studio today.